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Terms & Conditions

  • The contents of a moving box must be packed in such a way that individual items cannot damage each other. Drawers and / or doors must also be secured. Where necessary, fragile parts must be adequately protected.  
  • The Client must provide sufficient parking space for the removal vans, or lift, and must always cover any parking fees.
  • The Client must be present during the entire move to guarantee the safety of the goods. Items of extreme value must remain in the possession of the Client at all times. When loading / unloading, the client must check whether all items have been loaded / moved. We are not liable for any items left at the starting address.
  • All boxes must be properly closed, cabinet doors must be locked, and loose shelves must be removed from the cabinets in order to limit damage during transport (except for Full-Service).
  • All valuables such as jewellery, money, etc. must at all times remain under the supervision of the Client.
  • Disassembling and assembling of furniture must be mentioned by the Client in advance and is always done at the Client’s own risk.
  • Staircases must be completely cleared before the start of the moving.
  • For the use of the moving lift windows must be able to open completely.
  • Payment must be done in cash or by pin immediately after the moving.
  • You always pay for the hours worked by the movers. If we are working shorter or longer than planned, the final total amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If an item has an above-average value or disproportionate value, this must be reported in writing before the start of the move. 
  • Heavy objects such as washing machines must be moved professionally and with enough manpower. Movers will not move objects deemed too heavy for the amount of movers booked.
  • The Contractor can not be held liable for the loss or theft of the Client’s goods.
  • Small objects, such as chandeliers, standing lamps, pots, etc., must be packed in closed boxes for transport in advance (except for Full-Service). If this is not the case, movers may refuse to move these items.
  • Electronic devices must be packed in their original boxes. If this is not the case, the movers may refuse to move them.
  • If the Client decides to cancel the moving, this must be reported by email to at least 24 hours before the moving, otherwise we are obliged to charge 100% of the Booking fee.
  • In case of problems or complaints, we request that you do not enter into a discussion with the movers, but contact the head office directly via +316 4283 3594
  • The Contractor is not liable for waiting times caused by incorrectly parked vehicles, traffic jams, etc.