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Quentin and Claire – house moving

Originally from France, Quentin and Claire have lived in Amsterdam for the past two years. The couple are both young professionals who work from home and wanted to take advantage of the flexibility their jobs offer to experience a new country. The pair haven’t looked back since. The couple quickly built a life for themselves in Amsterdam, enjoying socialising with friends and hosting regular games nights at their home.

As they’ve adjusted to life here Quentin and Claire’s needs have changed and as a result they’ve moved a few times within the city. Each time they’ve trusted We Move It with their move and we are always willing and eager to help. Our two-person team strives to make a typically stressful experience one of ease, offering flexibility in moving services and a tailor-made approach. There is no one rule for all. While Quentin and Claire are happy in the new home, we are always on hand if they require our moving services again in the future.