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Moving Lift Amsterdam

Perhaps you are worrying about how you are going to transport your larger, heavy items, such as sofas, closets, and tables, down a narrow staircase. No need to worry, we have a professional moving lift available to rent upon request in the Amsterdam area or other cities in Netherlands. With a range of up to 13 floors, large and heavy items can be transported easily and safely via the moving lift by professional operators. Save yourself the time and effort and save your furniture from any potential damage. Rent a moving lift that is always operated by an experienced and professional team, which consists of a lift operator and at least two movers

We always recommend to hire a moving lift with three movers so that two movers can load your belongings on the moving lift and one can offload them into your house. This will ensure that the moving will go as safely and smoothly as possible. Remember, a larger crew always guarantees a quicker job, which means a lower fee for you! If you estimate that your belongings take more than about 13m3, then a moving lift will save time and make the moving cheaper overall. A moving lift is a timesaver, especially in Amsterdam where staircases are narrow and hard to navigate even with small furniture, boxes, and bags. So, a moving lift in Amsterdam is a must.

How to know if you need a moving lift?

  • You want to be 100% sure there is no damage to the staircase
  • You are worried about damaging furniture
  • Some furniture does not fit through your staircase
  • You have a large volume (13m3 +) of belongings, and you want to save on time and moving costs
  • You want to experience a more interesting way of moving your belongings

Moving Lift Rental

  • If you are planning on renting a moving lift for your moving, please let us know in advance, as this is not included in the regular moving package.

    You must be curious, what are the prices? 😊

    A Moving lift in Amsterdam within the A10 ring (for a minimum order of 1 hour).

    • Lift €100 p/h + 2 movers €120 p/h. Total: €220 p/h (including VAT 21%).

    For renting a moving lift outside Amsterdam, contact us directly on WhatsApp +316 4283 3594.


  • Van + driver €85p/h/h (12m3)
  • Van + mover € 95p/h (12m3)
  • Van + 2 movers € 120p/h (12m3)
  • Van + 3 movers €190p/h (12m3)
  • Truck + 2 movers €190p/h (20m3-26m3. Minimum 3h booking.