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Moving Houses

Moving in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands is not an easy task at all!

Steep and narrow staircases, which are present in most of the buildings, can make your move very  difficult. In some buildings, even something as small as a table can’t go up by the stairs, in which case the only  option is to bring your goods through a window with a Moving LiftWe can help you with Packing and Unpacking your goods for a smoother ride, and we also provide  Moving Boxes (for additional costs). For Small Movings (for example, 20 boxes, 2 luggages, and 3  bags) we recommend to book 1 Mover & Van.  

Whereas for movings with more than 20 boxes, luggages, plus heavy items such as sofas and washing  machines we recommend booking 2 Movers & Van or Truck

A Moving Van or Truck is equipped with Moving Blankets, a Trolley and Tools for furniture assembly. Our movers are professionals and strong guys who love their job and always provide their services  with a smile and respect to your belongings. If you would like to chose any of our specialties – Moving  Service, Cleaning Service, or Handymen Service, then please contact us on WhatsApp, send us an  Email, or give us a Call.  

Please note. The end of the month is always busy as many people are Moving Houses so make sure  to place your booking in advance. We hope to see you on your next move with us! 

What we Offer

Moving Service in Amsterdam

  • Van + driver €85p/h/h (12m3)
    Van + mover € 95p/h (12m3)
    Van + 2 movers € 120p/h (12m3)
    Van + 3 movers €190p/h (12m3)
    Truck + 2 movers €190p/h (20m3-26m3. Minimum 3h booking.

Fuel cost is included if moving is done inside the A10 ring Amsterdam. For all movings outside of  Amsterdam fuel is an additional charge.