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Handyman Amsterdam

We know that when problem appears in your house, office or even at your mom’s place it is difficult  to find a Handyman nearby. For example, assembling furniture can be a complex process that can  take a beginner an indefinite number of hours to accomplish. In fact, it is not guaranteed that the  effort will even lead to the desired result, since the instructions made by some manufacturers (Ikea)  often look like ancient manuscripts (we speak the ancient language, by the way . Even if you  managed once, on the second or third time you might have lost the instructions and then it can be  really hard on your nerves. It can also happen that you miss some parts or tools to do the job, but  fortunately our handymen are well equipped and experienced to deal with such situations. So, do  not hesitate, and book one of our Handyman Amsterdam.

What we Offer

Professional Handymen Service in Amsterdam.

1 Handyman €38p/h. Minimum 3h booking.

1 emergency Handyman €180p/h (Only in Amsterdam & Zaandam). Arrives in 2-3h.